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This Gros Piton Hike is one of the most popular hiking tours on the beautiful island of St Lucia that visitors always look forward to. The twin Pitons are unique to St Lucia and are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Gros Piton Hike

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Private hiking the pitons in St Lucia is one of the famous hikes done in St Lucia. The twin peak pitons is known as a worlds heritage site and is also known as the breast of St Lucia. These peaks are actually called volcanic plugs. The Pitons are the most common hiking areas in St Lucia.
​The most common one that people do climb is the Gros Piton which is 2618 ft/798.25M high. St Lucia Gros Piton is the piton that you get official private tour guides to guide you to the top of the piton. When you start your private piton hike you start at 600ft/182.88M above see level.
When you get to the St Lucia piton hiking area you are introduced to your private hiking guide. ​After getting you tickets at the piton hike office you guide takes you to a model of St Lucia Gros Piton where he/she explains to you what you will be experiencing on the private piton hike. This St Lucia piton hike is on average of 2 Hrs. hike up and 2 Hrs. hike back down. The record time know to me for completing the piton hike is 58 minutes which is done by a local who is a tour guide at the pitons.

The brave persons come and see if you can break this record at the St Lucia piton Hike. There you have 4 rest stops the first quarter, 2nd quarter and 3rd quarter which is also called the point of no return. The 4th quarter is where you are at the top with a 360 degrees of the whole Island of St Lucia. Then you return to the base of the St Lucia Gros Piton hike. There you will find your driver awaiting you to take you back to your resort, villa, private home or cruise ship.


​Then you have the hiking of the St Lucia petite Piton which is the one that is risky to climb so you will be told that you climb it at your own risk because it is very steep and there are places you have to use rope to climb it.


The St Lucia petite piton is part of the twin peak pitons which is  2438ft/743M tall and it takes about 4 Hrs. to complete the whole hike up and down altogether. If you wish to try the risky one we can arrange this for you. You will be accompanied by your private hiking guide to climb the risky St Lucia Petite Piton.