Some Popular Activities in St. Lucia

Saint Lucia is one of the most famous island countries that is located in the continent of North America.  It serves as a home to many fishing villages, luxury resorts, reef-diving sites, volcanic beaches, etc.,

Saint Lucia is also famous for its exclusive restaurants, and the local street parties hosted to add aesthetic value to the place.  Different kinds of activities are carried out in the famous city of Saint Lucia.  Some of the most popular activities in St. Lucia are described below.

Listing the most popular activities in St. Lucia mainly includes visiting wonderful places, bird-watching, attending various parties, tasting the delicacies in various restaurants, etc.; some of the most popular activities in St. Lucia from the above list are explained below.

  • Visiting the Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island National Historic Park is one of the famous landmarks of Saint Lucia.  It is a 40-acre islet and reserve that is a major attraction of Saint Lucia.  In the past, it was a separate island.  But then, it was connected in 1970.


Usually, it receives a great amount of rainfall which can be seen in the lush greenery and fertile vegetation.  It allows the visitors to witness a spectacular view.  It consists of two wonderful beaches, which are one of the most attractive spots in Saint Lucia.

  • Visiting the Edmund Forest Reserve

Mount Edmund Forest Reserve is located near the Enbas Saut Waterfalls Trail.  The visitors can witness a wide variety of exotic plants.  It also consists of a unique variety of birds like the Saint Lucia Parrot.  It has many huge trees and waterfalls, serving as a feast for the eyes.

The forest reserve also consists of ferns, bromeliads, orchids, etc.; it refreshes the minds of the visitors with its beauty and mesmerizes them.  It consists of various hanging vines with colorful blooms everywhere.

  • Bird-Watching at Millet Bird Sanctuary

Saint Lucia is one of the most suitable and excellent places for bird-watching.  The visitors can witness a wide range of birds within its territory.  These birds cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.  A wide variety of birds can be seen in the Millet Bird Sanctuary.

Millet Bird Sanctuary is located in the Millet Forest Reserve, situated at the island’s heart.  The island is home to more than 30 species of unique birds.  Some of the endemic species include blackbirds, orioles, flycatchers, warblers, Saint Lucia parrot, etc.,

The sanctuary also consists of a good reception area and restroom facilities.  The Ministry of Forestry of Saint Lucia is responsible for developing the various facilities, including the feature of offering guided hikes.  Thus, it serves to be one of the favorite spots in Saint Lucia.

  • Visiting the Treetop Adventure Park

What is life without any adventure?  Many people would love to go for various adventures while visiting places like Saint Lucia.  The rainforest of Saint Lucia consists of the Treetop Adventure Park.

Many like to challenge themselves and would love to get the adrenaline rush.  Treetop Adventure Park is a suitable place to go through such an adventurous experience.

They consist of 12 world-class double cable zip lines, which are used in extremely safe conditions.  They allow the visitors to view the treetops from around 150 feet above the ground.  It is one of the attractive landmarks of Saint Lucia.

Thus, the above-mentioned activities are some of the most popular activities in St. Lucia.  These activities allow the visitors to enjoy the attractive features of Saint Lucia, which serves as a famous tourist spot.